Health Minister urges nationwide implementation of 'health library' project

2009-05-15 08:30


Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance and Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Training have planned to co-stage a book reading promotional project called 'health library' in the libraries of medical sciences universities nationwide, IRI Health Minister unveiled Thursday.

Kamran Baqeri Lankarani, the Minister of Health, Treatment and Medical Training, said in a brief interview on the sidelines of his visit to the 22nd Tehran International Book Fair that the existence of 18000 healthcare offices and 5000 healthcare centers countrywide has provided an expansive area for the ministry to carry out promotional projects, adding tat the health library project was to be co-piloted in Hormuzgan Province by the two ministries.

The Health Minister expressed hope that through a nationwide implementation of the project, different books would further become available to students and book reading habits would be further promoted among them.

Lankarani noted that total 1800 health staffs are working for the Ministry, adding that the different departments in the Ministry have commissioned special groups to purchase medical books in the book fair.

The Minister early in his visit purchased several books on healthcare policy making.


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