General Condition of
The 32nd Tehran International Book Fair

(24 Apr - 4 May2019)

Enjoying a quarter-century experience, Tehran International Book Fair (TIBF) is a great cultural event in which publishers from all over the world along with a large number of domestic participants take part to exhibit their new titles in different subject areas. That makes the latest quality collection of books available to the educated and professional communities in the country. In addition to publishers and distributors, librarians with library equipments, governmental and private cultural institutes, experts on Iranian publications suitable for international communities, and cultural sections of international organizations and foreign embassies in Tehran participate in the Fair and introduce their products and the manifestations of their fields of interest.

This cultural event, scheduled in May every year, has been sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance of the Islamic Republic of Iran for the last 31 years. However, in the recent  years, publishers’ associations and unions have played a key role in managing the national division of the Fair.

In the 31st TIBF, the languages and subjects of exhibited and sold books were as follows:

A) Languages

English,Arabic,German,Franch,Turkish,Armenian,Russian,Spanish,Urdu,Japanese,Korean,Chinese and the Indian & African languages.

B) Subjects

Humanities, religion, philosophy, literature, social sciences, art & architecture, pure and applied sciences, computer science, information technology (IT), medical science, and engineering & technology.

Foreign Participants Halls:

In the international section, the most new publications of well known foreign publishers will be on display for sale. This  section consists of the following halls:

Pavilion A1: Latin and other languages exhibitions venues (except Arabic);
Pavilion A2: Arabic exhibition venues;
Pavilion B: Book Fairs, Embassies, cultural representatives and friendship societies
Pavilion C: Global book market (literary agencies, Right Center, scouts and ...).

•Cultural Activities

Besides the commercial events, many cultural programs for different age groups in different educational levels will take place at the fair. Some of the most important cultural programs in the 31st TIBF were as follows:

  1. 1- Holding a vast number of cultural and scientific seminars in Saraye- Ahle- Ghalam (hall of the penmen) and the hall of international market  for Iranian books.
  2. Preparing coverage of live radio and TV programs for different age groups.
  3. Presenting a large number of educational and cultural entertainments for children, and young adults.
  4. Many other programs and activities in the field of books publishing, education , science, and culture.


-The participants can register directly or through their official representative(s). Representatives should be authorized to exclusively represent one or more international publishers at  the fair.

- Large publishers might authorize more than one representative if they maintain the exclusivity for one or more imprint(s) or specialty area(s)

Special Stands

Stands with special rates will be allocated to the governments, university publishers, nonprofit research centers, and the participants presenting books in languages other than English and Arabic. These participants should correspond with the international department of TIBF in advance to receive confirmation.

The Stands

Rents for the stands in different  hall of int,l section  of the fair are as follows:

Arabic language Book Publishers

50 EUR/sq. m.

Latin Language Book Publishers

80 EUR/sq. m.

Cultural Representatives and Embassies

150 EUR sq. m.

-Participants of the halls A willing to design a V.I.P or meeting pavilion in their stands can enjoy a discount in the rental fees for their V.I.P  stands if the size of their stands will be at least 50 sq.m. and if the VIP area will not be more than 8 percent of the whole size of their stand. In this case, the stand fee will be 30 EUR per square meter.

-Required stands will be handed over to the participants one week prior to the opening of the fair. Participants are required to be ready to perform at least two days before the opening day, and they should be present in their stand from 2nd of April 2019.

-The standard height of the booth is 3 meter; however, the participant can enjoy extra height if he (she) will firstly receive TIBF confirmation, and then pay the expenses according to the secondary regulations.

-Participants willing to introduce their products through commercial propaganda outside their booths should pay the expenses according to the fair’s secondary regulations.


  1. 1- Application for Registration: 8 March 2019
  2. 2- Registration for Special Stands: 8​ March 2019
  3. 3- List of Books: 15 March 2019
  4. 4- Visa Form: 15 March 2019
  5. 5- Extra Services: 15 March 2019
  6. 6- Consignments to the Fair Customs: 7 April 2019

General Regulations

- The new edition of books for sale in pavilion A will be 2011 onwards.

- There is no restriction in terms of subject of publication.

However, displaying and selling books with immoral pictures or contents, or having offensive contents to the government of the I.R. of Iran or religious values are strictly prohibited.

- Participants  should pay the custom charges on the basis of the Fair’s financial department regulations before occupying their booths; otherwise, they will not be allowed to occupy them.

- Books should arrive in the Fair Custom in a way that allows customs paperwork and preparation for sale at least one week prior to opening of the fair.

- Participants may return the unsold books to the desired destination or clear them at their own expenses.

- Participants will enjoy special discount if they send their cargoes by the Iranian shipping companies.

- Stands of participants should be continuously open during the working hours.

General Information

The 32nd TIBF consists of the following divisions.

  1. Domestic Participants:
  2. In this section, educational books of domestic publishers with new titles on children’s and the adult’s literature are offered. Iranian publishers enjoy visit the writers and readers during the fair.
  3. Foreign Participants:
  4. In this section, the most new publications of the foreign publishers participating at the fair will be on display for sale.
  5. Cultural Activities

Besides the commercial events, many cultural programs for different age groups in different educational levels take place at the fair.


More than 5 million visitors for the 31st Tehran Book Fair is a unique number of visitors which cannot be seen in any other exhibition, and has introduced a worldwide record in the field of exhibitions.