Formal Opening of the Serbian Stand in the TIBF

2018-05-03 11:39

Concurrent with first day of the Tehran International Book Fair, it happened:

The opening ceremony for the stand of the Guest of Honor in the thirty first edition of the book fair was held with the high-ranked authorities attended. 
Expressing his pleasure at the presence of his fellow writers in the greatest cultural event of our country, the Serbian Minister of Culture and Information stated, “Now Serbia has an opportunity to present its literary and publishing output in Iran.”
Vladan Vukosavljević added, “We are attempting to make this very presence a magnificent and effective beginning of a new era for the expansion of cultural and literary interactions between the two countries.”
Describing literature and books as the art and music of each country, he indicated, “This sound must be heard by all nations.”
Vukosavljević asked for more interactions between Iran and Serbia in cultural and literary areas and especially the mutual translation of superior works of the two countries. 
In this ceremony, Asghar Mohammadkhani, the cultural deputy of Shahre Ketab Bookstores, pointed out to the rich literature and culture of Serbia and described this country as an instance of countries interested in culture and books.   
Then the Serbian Minister of Culture and Information continued, “Unfortunately, in spite of fifty years of cultural interactions between the two countries, only eight books have been translated from Serbian into Persian.”
He hoped that the presence of Serbia as the Guest of Honor in the TIBF will fortify the cultural interactions between the two countries and expand them.
Dragan Stenijc, a Serbian writer, mentioned the cultural and literary commonalities and added, “There are more than a hundred common words in both languages.” 
He also emphasized that, “The peerless entrance and influence of religion on the cultures and literatures of the countries have created another category of commonalties.”

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