Two Serbian books translated into Persian unveiled

2018-05-04 16:25

Two books translated from Serbian into Persian were unveiled in a meeting attended by their writers and translators at the 31st Tehran International Book Fair.

‘A Satin in Blue Sky Color’ by Goran Petrovic, translated by Sareh Arzpaima and Ramineh Rezazadeh and the other book, ‘The Russian Window’ by Dragan Veligich translated by Bita Ebrahimi were unveiled and introduced in this meeting. Both books have been printed by Ketab-e Koucheh Publishing in Tehran.

According to Petrovic, ‘A Satin in Blue Sky Color’ is a novel depicting a fantastic world in people’s mind. ‘The Russian Window’ is also in the same trend, however, it will also describes the literary truth and the historical bewilderment of human beings. Both writers have tried to conform to dedicate cultural points and the influence of these points on the readers.

After the unveiling ceremony at Serbian stand in TIBF, the books will be put on public display and will be sold to the interested visitors.

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