China guest of honor in 2019 TIBF

2018-05-04 16:59

Deputy Director of the 31st Tehran International Book Fair (TIBF) Amir Mas’oud Shahram-Nia discussed with a Chinese delegation to prepare the ground for the participation of China as the guest of honor in the 32nd TIBF.

In this meeting, Zhong Zhoyi, at the helm of the Chinese delegation said that the way for the participation of his country would be paved in three stages: first, we should realize that what subjects, writers and books may gain your attention; the second stage would comprise handling the necessary coordination for our attendance at TIBF and the third stage would be the establishment of Chinese stand and the participation of Chinese representatives in the 32nd Tehran international book fair to implement the scheduled plans.

“We hope that we maintain a close relation with our Iranian friends which enables us to resolve the possible problems before the opening of the fair. The way of relation and interaction between the two countries should be transparent as we would like to take the steps based on the clear timetable,” he said.

The head of the Chinese delegation stated: “In the meantime, China tries to do a promotion for participation at Tehran Book Fair which is not simply means for promoting books but the general expansion of cultural ties between our country and in Iran.”

For his part, Shahram-Nia who is also the director of Iran’s Cultural Fairs Institute (ICFI) stressed: “The officials of Tehran Book Fair are completely approved of the timetable proposed by China, since we did the same at Beijing International Book Fair (BIBF) and it worked.”

“Hosting a guest of honor in Tehran Book Fair is aimed to establish a permanent cultural relation with other countries and we are interested to hold various programs both in Iran and China in the upcoming edition of TIBF,” he added.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Deputy Director of the 31st Tehran Book Fair said: “Earlier, a group of Iranian writers traveled to China to reciprocate the trip of Chinese writers to our country. Moreover, in the forthcoming days, we will host the director of Shanghai Book Fair.”

“The other significant issue for us is the translation of Persian books into Chinese, since the Chinese people know only a little about the Iranian contemporary literature and the same is true in Iran about the contemporary Chinese literature. We had a good experience in such a project with Italy and Russia,” he stated.

“Even Chinese expressed interest in the attendance of their president in TIBF, which would be a great honor for us and we are ready to take the necessary measures. Also, we welcome the visit of Chinese authors and publishers to our country as much as possible.”

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