Book Launch Ceremony for ‘The Influence of Persian Literature on English Literature’

2018-05-05 12:24

The book titled ‘The Influence of Persian Literature on English Literature’ was unveiled attended by Dr. Ahmad Ahmadi, a member of the Higher Council of Cultural Revolution and the president of Iranian Organization of Research and Composing Textbooks on Humanities (SAMT), Hossein Hajari, the manager of the Persian Language Dept. in SAMT and Dr. Nahid Hejazi, the Comparative-Literature Deputy of the Persian Language Academy.

In this meeting, held on May 3, Ahmadi said, “Persian is an unmatched language in the world and indeed I love it as it is a melodic language. It is like a large caravan that in its moving forward, it has had many historic influences that are clearly seen in the literatures of India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Tajikistan.”

He added, “I wish we had hundreds of persons like Dr. Hassan Javadi to study the influences of Persian language on other languages as well.”

Then, pointing out to the fact that the book is considered a valuable reference, Ms. Hejazi stated, “This book is the result of 50 years of a continuous endeavor by Dr. Javadi which was studied in the the Comparative-Literature Dept. of the Persian Language Academy for 10 years more.”

“This book is a compeer of the book ‘From Saadi to Aragon’ that analyzed the influence of Persian language on French literature,” she added.

Referring to the 500-year periods that the author has studied, she said, “Dr. Javadi has covered a plethora of references not ignoring the social, political and cultural status of the comparative literature in each period.”

Mentioning the advantages of the present work, Hejazi emphasized, “The neutral approach of the author in this book and utilization of archeological and geographical facts along with literary studies are amongst the features of this book.”

The manager of the Persian Language Dept. in SAMT described the book as model for literary research and said, “There is invaluable information in this book that one cannot find in many similar reference books.”

Hajari continued, “Dr. Javadi devoted his whole professional life to this subject and this book is the result of 50 years of endeavor. He has two other outstanding books: ‘This History of Satire in Persian Literature’ and ‘Iran from the Explorers’ Viewpoints’.”

According to him, the present book is the translation and supplement to English copies formerly published once in Calcutta in 1983 and once in California.

Hajari emphasized, “Comprehensiveness, studying the historical causes, a genealogy on the European understanding of the Orient, high scientific and critical precision, observance of the research morals, as well as a stylish prose are among the features of this book.”

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