There is a wide reception of Iranian books in Bangladesh

Tehran international book fair is one of the most visited book fairs in the world

2018-05-05 19:11

The professor of Persian language and literature in the University of Dhaka pointed out to the wide reception of Iranian books in Bangladesh to say, “Following this broad reception, a great number of publishers from Bangladesh have shown interests in publishing and translation of Iranian books and soon new works by Iranian writers will be printed in Bangladesh.”

In his visit to the World Book Market Stand, Dr. Muhammad Abdus Sabur Khan said, “Iranian Story books, poems and novels are closer to our culture. Since both countries are Shiite Muslims and there is a long history of cultural and religious relationships between the two countries, they have experienced the same issues.”

He added, “For instance, both countries have experienced a war that their traces are evident in various books. On the other hand, we can see valuable works in the contemporary literature in which the culture of the Iranian nation is effectively painted.”

A translator of Persian books into Bengali language, Dr. Abdus Sabur also added, “Four Persian Books were published in Bengali with governmental supports. And due to the wide reception by the people, private publishers from Bangladesh have shown interests in publishing and translation of Iranian books.”

Referring to the fact that this is his first trip to Iran, he said, “I had read about the wide visiting of Iranian people in the book fair and today I personally saw this presence and I was totally excited.” 
He added, “In my opinion, the TIBF, after the Frankfurt Book Fair, is the largest and most visited book fair in the world, because it accommodates a large number of  publishers with a great variety of activity types and everyday many people come to visit.”

Regarding the separation of publishers into different sections, he said, “In this book fair, every body from any age or education group can find their necessary books and this variety in subjects is one of the major features of this book fair.” 

Dr Abdus Sabur has translated more than ten Iranian books such as ‘Kiss the Lovely Face of God’ by Mostafa Mastoor, ‘Her Eyes’ by Bozorg Alavi, and ‘Once upon a Time’ by Jamalzadeh.

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