60% of Chinese Publishing Industry is Governmental

2018-05-08 10:33

The production manager of CNPIEC (China National Publications Import & Export Corporation) said, “60% of Chinese Publishing Industry is under the control of CNPIEC, which is a Governmental entity.”

In a meeting titled ‘Entering the Chinese Publishing Market’ held in the International Hall of the TIBF, Alex Hu said, “Founded in 1986, CNPIEC is the largest book corporation in Asia. In 2017 more than 200,000 titles were published in China, while 51% of the whole turnover in book publishing comes from children’s book.

Regarding book retailing in China he said, “Annually 3.1 million books are in China indicating that forbidden books still have their own market in China this is mainly observed in Beijing and Shanghai”

Referring to the import of 1.5 titles in 2017 through the virtual bookstores, Hu added, “This was like three billion dollars and it has been continuously growing since 2012. The area of sociological science and children’s books holds to greatest share in this turnover.”

Introducing three major virtual institutes active in the area of books, he emphasized, “Deng Deng, Amazon and JD are active in the section and recently WeChat has joined them as well.”

According to Hu, the income gained by selling digital newspapers and e-books amounts to one billion dollars. He added, “Between 2006 and 2013 the annual profit gained by this business had an average increase of 78%.”

Regarding Deng Deng he said, “It has more than 15 million users and 200,000 titles are electronically presented in it.”

“66 million copies were sold on Deng Deng in 2014 which made up 20% of the total copies sold in China,” Hu added.

Regarding the audio books he emphasized, “There are more than 15 platforms to present audio books. LazyMan is one of them with more than 100 million users and 500 publishers. However, a more popular corporation is Ting with 450 million users and one million audio books. ”

Then Hu mentioned the features of the BIBF. “The BIBF is organized by CNPIEC and from this year on, a book fair for children’s books will be added as well. The book fair will be set up on area of 92,000 sq m. 300,000 people visit it each day and about 5200 publishers have registered to participate. He invited the audiences to attend the BIBF held between Aug. 22 and 26.”

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