Oman’s achievement through attending Tehran Book Fair remarkable

2018-05-08 11:26

Director of Oman’s stand at the 31st Tehran International Book Fair said that the participation of his country at several editions of this event has brought them remarkable cultural and scientific achievements.

Ahmad Al-Rawahi, Director of Oman’s stand at the 31st Tehran International Book Fair added: “We are taking the best advantage of achievements in the book fair.”

“The Sultanate of Oman aims to develop culture and is establishing new libraries to implement this plan. These libraries are intended for all people particularly Omani adolescents and the youth,” he said.

“Regarding the latest measures and promotions, Omani young people and even adults have become more eager to read books,” he stated. 

Referring to the situation of publishing books in his country, Director of Oman’s stand said: “The process of publishing and reading in Oman is permanent and advancing. In the meantime, Omani young people are becoming more interested in books.”

“We have participated at Tehran Book Fair with 120 titles of books; among them 24 works are first editions. It’s over 15 years that we have participated at this event, which means 15 permanent editions.” Al-Rawahi noted. 

He further said over 700 new books titles are annually published in Oman with 2000 or 3000 copies.

On methods for the expansion of cultural ties between his country and Iran, Director of Oman’s stand said: “The best method is that the universities of both countries increase the level of their cultural exchange. Iranian universities may pay more attention to the history and culture of Oman and strengthen their interaction with our universities.

“The relations between Iran and Oman are historical and have been based on mutual respect, since we have mutual trust based on the values of Islamic culture. For us, the Iranian people and government are held in the greatest regard,” he added.

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