There are Seven Thousand Persian Words in Bengali Language

2018-05-09 09:56

In the book launch ceremony for the book titled ‘The Attraction of Persian Sugar’, the ambassador of Bangladesh in Tehran said, “There are seven thousand Persian words in Bengali Language. The book , that addresses the status of Persian Language and literature, was unveiled in presence of Gholamali Haddad Adel, head of the Academy of Persian Language and Literature, the ambassador of Bangladesh in Tehran, the authors of the book, and Persian language professors from Bangladesh.

Haddad Adel said, “Persian Language has deep roots in Bangladesh and several chairs for teaching Persian language and literature at different are active there.”
“The book can somehow be an indication of the friendship between Iran and Bangladesh.”
He appreciated the attempts by Dr. Haddadi and Dr. Doroudgarian for documentation of their presence in Bangladesh through authoring this book.
As another lecturer of this event, the ambassador of Bangladesh in Tehran thanked the executives of the book fair for naming one day of the book fair as the Day of Bangladesh and added, “Iran and Bangladesh have a long history of intimate relations in various cultural and literary areas so that works by many Iranian poets have been translated into Bengali and vice versa.”
Majibur Rahman Bhuiyan emphasized, “I hope that the relations between the two countries expands day by day.” 
The author of the book, also a professor of Payam Noor University, commented about his presence in Bangladesh. He said, “When I was in Bangladesh, I felt being in a second Iran.” Farhad Doroudgarian added, “When in a meeting I read out a poem by Saadi, I noticed that not only the masters of Persian language and literature but also the public of Bengali people liked him. Eight centuries of life with Iranian culture is a rare happening. The place of Persian language and culture in Bangladesh where it is one of three major circles in the Indian Subcontinent is somehow ignored in our contemporary literature.”
The deployed professor to Bangladesh said, “The Sanskrit ancient texts have been translated into Persian by the Iranian scholars. On the other hand, Bengali scholars have translated works by Ferdowsi, Hafez, Khayyam, Jami, Saadi and Rumi into Bengali.”
“Study of the Persian language history in Bangladesh, role of the Islamic Republic of Iran in introducing the Persian language and literature chairs in Bangladesh, the situation of students, researchers, and professors of this major, and finally, the analysis of the obstacles and providing solutions for the promotion of Persian language were among the purposes of authoring this book.”
The professor of Dhaka University, Muhammad Abdus Sabur Khan, referred to the long history of Persian language and literature in the Indian subcontinent to emphasize, “Today, Persian language is taught in three major universities of Bangladesh and more than a thousand students are studying this language.”
He continued, “I hope the cultural, religious, political and social relations between the two countries expand more than before and such activities are continued by the Iranian researchers.”
Regarding the book, he said, “The Attraction of Persian Sugar is the result of a three-year attempt by Dr. Doroudgarian and Dr. Haddadi, which certainly helps the Persian language grow.”
“When I arrived at Bangladesh, I totally felt at home. But when I got back to Iran, I noticed that Bangladesh was a stranger in Iran,” said Elham Haddadi, the other writer of the book about her experience of living in Bangladesh.
She continued, “I am afraid to say that many of us Iranian are not aware of how respectable is our language and culture is in Bangladesh. That was why we decided to take an effective step in the path of expanding the relations between the two countries by compiling a history of the Persian language and history in Bangladesh.”
Haddadi hoped that their book will serve as a rebirth of the relations between the t

wo countries. “I hope the next year we will have a separate Stand for Bangladesh and the Friendship Society of Iran and Bangladesh will be formed soon”

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