Invention of the Printing Machine triggered an Economic Renaissance in Germany

2018-05-12 12:09

In a meeting titled ‘Economic Renaissance in Germany’ held in the Farhangvaran Hall of the TIBF, the Iranian ex-diplomat in Germany described the invention of printing machine as a trigger of the economic renaissance in Germany.

Mohammad Ebrahim Mahjoub referred to the unique quality of German goods and said, “After WWII, the British forced the German to inscribe the phrase ‘Made in Germany’ on their products to undermine their sales. But the high quality of those goods developed a trust among the consumers and sales of them in Europe and the world grew more and more.”

Then, referring to the discipline and diligence of the German, he said, “The US is a country that trains managers while Germany trains engineers. Germany enjoys a great social background so that most of her multi-generation businesses are still active.”
According to Mahjoub, the German believe that high quality goods are made by high quality people. “That is why a plenty of money is invested in educations and training high-quality labor forces in this country,” he added.
Gholmreza Nazarboland, another Iranian ex-diplomat in Germany said, “When I was in Germany, I pondered the reasons of their success. Besides field studies, I gathered different notes and interviewed the elderly. Since the Renaissance, this nation has entered the stage of mind efflorescence and rationality. Then they introduced new moral frames, rationality, attempting, management, and avoiding corruption into the society and therefore, in the next years the German witnessed new thoughts in philosophy, culture and art. Invention of printing machine helped the promotion of literacy, public reading and science in Germany.”

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