Presentation of the Translation Grant Programme to the International Publishers in the TIBF

2018-05-12 17:41

Referring to the Translation Grant Programme, the general manager of the Cultural Societies and Activities (Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance) said, “Last year, 76 titles were covered by the programme and in 2018 we are prepared to cover 200 more.”

Ali Fereidouni, added, “Presented in the World Book Market, the Translation Grant Programme has the purpose of introducing the Iranian Literature as a written medium whose effect will be the development of interactions and a response to the interests of other languages in Persian.”

He added, “The programme has been implemented for three years and based on its code of practice, titles in the field of classical literature, contemporary literature, children and young adults, Islamic Studies, Iranology, as well as books suggested by the Iranian/foreigner publishers with the capability of being presented in the world market are covered by the programme.”

Stating that this programme is implemented at different levels to promote the publishing of books in the world market, he said, “According to the code of practice approved in 2017, between 1000 and 3000 USD was considered for each title. So far, a total of 200 titles have been supported mostly belonging to the field of children and young adults as well as contemporary literature. Of course, titles with special features, like those selected by festivals and domestic awards, enjoy a priority in being selected.”

The secretary of Grant Programme reminded, “The Cultural Deputy of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance has a stand for presentation of the Grant Programme in the TIBF 2018 and we are interacting with international publishers to translate Iranian books into other language.”

Stating that in 2017 about 76 books were covered by the programme, he said, “More books are under examination and in 2018 we will continue the programme.”
“In 2017, 250,000 USD was allocated to the programme. The current year budget has not been determined yet, and the secretariat is prepared to cover 200 more titles,” he added

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