Exploration of Foreigner Publishers’ Difficulties in the TIBF

2018-05-13 10:23

In a meeting attended by the manager of Foreigner Publishers Committee and representatives from foreign publishers, the difficulties of foreign publishers were explored.

Davoud Mousaei, the manager of Foreigner Publishers Committee, appreciated the presence of the guests and said, “This meeting has been organized with the purpose of having dialogue and assessment of status of the 31st TIBF. We are trying to spot the weak points and strengths in the organization of the book fair to promote it for future editions.”
The representative of Arabic publishers described the fluctuations in the exchange rate as the most important problem.
One of the Arab publishers asked for more notices so that visitors can find the stands more easily. Another Arab publisher asked for formal invitations and allocation of better places for academic foreign publishers. A number of publishers asked for facilitation of custom clearance affairs. There was also the matter of advertisement that some of the publishers wanted. 
In response to the opinions by the Arab publishers, Mousaei said, “Unfortunately, the works started rather late and we had little time for planning and procurements. Regarding the exchange rate, it was out of our hands. But for transfer of the currency that you earned through selling books, coordination has been made so that in the end of the book fair you can clear it easily through the customs.”
Saeid Abedini, the executive manager of the Iranian Society of International Publishers, introduced the society website and said, “For advertisements and notices, all the foreign publishers may use the website, free of charge.”

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