Government backs Iranian publishing economy

2018-05-14 09:21

At the closing ceremony of the 31st Tehran International Book Fair (TIBF), Iran’s First Vice President stressed on the promotion of book reading and the government’s support of the economy of publishing industry.

In this ceremony, Eshaq Jahangiri said: “Based on the reports, fortunately Tehran International Book Fair has established its position both in the country and at the international scale.”

“The massive presence of people from the top level, I mean the dear leader of the Islamic Revolution to all Iranian people from across the country testifies to the cultural tendency of Iranians and the success of the TIBF.

Appreciating the efforts made by the executives of book fair, publishers and visitors, he stated: “Practical policies have been adopted in the cultural sector of the country and I hope we in coordination with the cultural activists in the country will be able to achieve even more and make the necessary amendments at the right time.”

Referring to the necessity for backing the books and publishing industry, Jahngiri said: “In comparison with other cultural commodities, book is facing new challenges on Internet and the governments as well as the Ministry of Culture have responsibilities about this issue.”

“Book is the embodiment of human thinking and its flourishing is equal to the flourishing of thoughts. We have considered adopting new policies for books and at the same time welcome the activities carried out by the rivals,” he suggested.

The First Vice President went on to say: “The Prosperity of publishing industry demands the active participation of all engaged in this sector. The government and people should care about the status of books and publishing industry; since if the book sector is damaged, it will be a blow to the entire culture of the country.”

“Many were thinking that at the age of Internet, the books are doomed to die, but they have begun a new life and it’s important that we play our role as best as possible in the new age,” he added. 

Elsewhere in his remarks, Jahangiri pointed out that the promotion of books is equal to the promotion of thinking, logic and rationality: “The miracle of our religion, Islam is the holy book of Quran. Likewise, the motto selected for this year’s edition of Tehran International Book Fair, “No to Not Reading Books” follows the same objective, caring about books and respecting them. We have to return the books to the daily life of people.”

“To measure the level of seeking knowledge by people, we have to realize their approval of books, and in order to promote book reading, we have to support both the emerging writers and the veterans; from those who are living in the capital city to those who are living in the remote regions of the country,” he said.

“By imposing restrictions, we cannot enforce our taste on the cultural activities. We should follow protecting the freedom of speech, otherwise, for example, the market of Persian language books will be relocated and will boom in the neighboring countries,” Jahangiri noted.

Concluding his remarks, the First Vice President added, “We should assign the responsibility of publishing industry to the publishers and other executives of this industry in our country to make them more motivated and let them follow their works in a more tranquil milieu.”

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