International Book Fair on the Third Day of the Book Fair

Iranian Ambassador to visit the Iranian Stand at the Seoul

2018-06-24 11:59

Book Launch Ceremony for Three Titles

On the third day of the book fair, Hassan Taherian, the Iranian Ambassador in South Korea visited the Iranian Stand and three titles were unveiled in his presence. 

According to a report by the Public Relations Department of the ICFI, Taherian said, "Presence in such book fairs will develop cultural diplomacy and it must continue to help us achieve the desired objectives."
"Given the knowledge and familiarity that the Korean have with the Iranian Culture, and since they are interested in more relationships, we hope that this presence of Iran, after eleven years, will lead into good results in the field of publishing and culture," he continued. 
He also added, "In view of the interest of the Korean in e-books, if we can promote our relationships in this field that will be quite effective."
Then, the Korean translations of three titles were unveiled during his visit to the stand. The titles were Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran, A Poem Collection by Iranian Renowned Poets, and The History of Iran and Persia. 
The book Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran has been published in Korean language by the Institute of Middle Eastern Affairs, Myongji University in collaboration with and under the supervision of the Iranian Embassy in South Korea. The book has been presented to the students studying Law in Korean universities.
The History of Iran and Persia narrates the history of Iran covering from Elam Civilization to the contemporary era. In 258 pages with colored photos from historical attractions of Iran, the book was published in May, 2018. It has been written by Ms.  Chui, an expert of Persian language and literature in Hankuk University.  
A Poem Collection by Iranian Renowned Poets was another title unveiled in the stand. The book is a Korean translation of poems by Iranian poets such as Roudaki, Khayyam, Ferdowsi, Hafez, Bidel Dehlavi, Jami, and Saeb Tabrziai. The book includes some facts and details regarding the styles and natures of the poems and differences between various literary eras.  
Ms. Youssefi, the professor of Foreign Language Dept., Hankuk University, in collaboration with Dr. Kim Jung Vuy,  the professor of Persian language and literature, have written the book. 
The Seoul International Book Fair will be finished on June 24, 2018

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