In the sidelines of the Iran's Day in the BIBF it happened:

Signing of a collaboration contract between Iran and a publishing corporation in China

2018-08-26 15:10

A ceremony in the honor of Iran was held on the third day of the BIBF. In the sidelines of the ceremony, a collaboration contract was signed between Iran and a publishing corporation in China. 

According to a report by the Public Relations Department of the ICFI, the Iran's Day ceremony was held attended by Iranians resident in China, a large number of Chinese interested in the Iranian Culture. The event was a result of collaboration between ICFI and the Iranian Cultural Attaché Office in Beijing.  
Referring to the long history of culture in Iran, Adelkhani, the supervisor of the office considered the presence of Iran in the BIBF and the Iran's Day as a symbol for promotion of cultural relationships between Iran and China. 
He also pointed out to the vast presence of Chinese literati in the Iranian stand adding, "Since the last year that Iran attended the BIBF as the guest of honor, the cultural relationships between Iran and China have been promoted in various aspects." 
Shiva Vakil Naslian, the person in charge of the Iranian Stand said, "In 2017, Iran was the guest of honor in the BIBF. The results of that presence are the very achievements that today we are witnessing. In the continuation of the cultural movement, China will be the guest of honor in the TIBF 2019." 
Referring to the fact that the TIBF has attempted to develop the culture through the promotion of book reading, she added, "Numerous plans and programmes have been considered to develop the cultural relationships in the field of books between the two countries."
Asserting that one of the most important characteristics of cultural development in a society is the extent to which book and book reading are concerned, Vakil Naslian said, "In this regard, many programmes have been implemented one of which is the Translation Grant Programme. And we hope that this programme will help the Iranian and foreign publishers in globalization of the Iranian titles."   
Then in part of the ceremony, the Iranian music band, Kaliveh, played pieces of Iranian music for the audience. In the performance, Sara and Mina Ahmadi played the Daf and Tar which was warmly welcomed by the people in the hall.   
In the end of the ceremony, a collaboration contract was signed between Iran and a famous publishing corporation in China. Based on this contract, selected book will be published by the Chinese publisher after getting the permission from the Iranian publishers/writers. Out of 35 books selected by various Iranian literary awards, copyright of 10 titles were purchased by the Chinese publisher.   
The 25th edition of the BIBF was opened on Aug. 22, 2018 at New China International Exhibition Center attended by 93 countries including Iran and be close on Aug. 26, 2018
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