Iran's participation at 70th FBF one step forward

2018-10-16 08:20

CEO of Iran Cultural Fairs Institute believes that for different reasons Iran’s participation ‎at the 70th Frankfurt ‎ Book Fair was one step forward and a successful accomplishment.‎
Amir Mas’oud Shahram-Nia, CEO of Iran’s Cultural Fairs Institute described Iran’s ‎achievements in an interview held at the final hours of this year's ‎Frankfurt book fair: ‎
‎“We are pleased that by drawing on our past experiences, we took practical steps in our ‎forth participation at FBF with a national stand, since earlier than that, we attended this ‎event in the scattered stands.”‎
‎“Almost 18 Iranian publishers directly introduced their works in the national stand; ‎moreover tree literary agencies and six publication unions were active in the national stand ‎which represented 150 publishers that send 1500 books to be displayed at Frankfurt Book ‎Fair. As well as providing information at the fair, we gave news about Iran’s participation ‎at the event to the online media,” he said.‎
About the meetings and negotiations held in the 2018 Frankfurt International Book Fair, ‎Shahram-Nia stated: “Many meetings and discussions were held during the event between ‎Iranian officials and representatives and their foreign counterparts. The exact evaluation ‎and results of the programs have yet to be announced, but I would say in general that ‎compared to the last year, we had a 25% rise in the number of meetings and almost 200 ‎negotiations on copyright business were held in the national Iranian stand. This year, the ‎section of children and young adults’ books was next to the national stand. I suppose such ‎an arrangement was a good experience since it helped both national stand and children ‎and young adults section to be noticed better. The Iranian publishers of books for children ‎and young adults were satisfied with the arrangement and the Iranian audience who visited ‎the national stand also welcomed the event more than the previous editions.”‎
Elsewhere in his remarks, CEO of Iran’s Book Fairs Institute who is also the Deputy ‎Director of Tehran International Book Fair (TIBF) referred to the agreements made with ‎the officials of the other international book fairs and said: “We signed a memorandum of ‎understanding with Taipei International Book Exhibition (TIBE) to exchange free stands ‎which had been planned earlier. Based on the agreement, both parties would be able to ‎participate in both book fairs without paying any charge for stands within five years. ‎Moreover, every year a writer from Iran will attend TIBE and a Taiwanese writer will ‎attend TIBF.‎
We negotiated the same agreements with Karachi International Book Fair in Pakistan for ‎exchanging free stands and participation of publishers as well as writers from both ‎countries at TIBF and Karachi Book Fair, as well as with Kuala Lumpur International Book ‎Fair in Malaysia. ‎
Discussions were also made with the President of Budapest Book Fair on more interaction ‎between Tehran Book Fair and Budapest Book Fair. We met Chinese publishers as well ‎who negotiated on strengthening cultural interaction between Iran and China. ‎
Meanwhile, discussions with the officials of Torino Book Fair from Italy And Beijing ‎International Book Fair in China were particularly significant since Iran is the guest of ‎honor at the upcoming Torino Book Fair and China is the guest of honor of the 2019 ‎Tehran International Book Fair. ‎
The officials of Paris International Book Fair are also interested to have Iran as the guest ‎country of honor or one of the Iranian cities as the guest of honor. At the final hours of the ‎Frankfurt ,Book Fair, we had a meeting with the officials of the event for holding ‎workshops. ‎
Shahram-Nia further said: “One of the other achievements of this edition for us was the ‎distribution of the letter by the Leader of the Islamic Revolution [Ayatollah Ali Khamenei] ‎addressed to the European young people. Moreover, several Iranian publishers engaged in ‎religious or the Sacred Defense books including Soureh Mehr, Shahrestan Ad

ab, The ‎Center of Quranic Researches, Publishers of the Sacred Defense Books Society and the ‎Society of the Islamic Revolution Publishers attended the Frankfurt book event.”‎
Regarding all these accomplishments and measures taken by Iran as well as the tranquility ‎which dominated the national stand, we can conclude that our participation at the ‎Frankfurt Book Fair compared to the previous edition was one step ahead, although we ‎also faced some problems in terms of providing visa for a number of Iranian publishers, ‎representatives and journalists. However, we could resolve the complications and ‎fortunately, visas were finally issued for the majority of them.  ‎

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