Belgrade Book Fair opens as Iran participating

2018-10-23 11:17

With the slogan “The Joy of Reading”, the 63rd International Belgrade Book Fair opened ‌‎Sunday night as Iranian representatives are participating in the event.‎

According to the public relations office of Iran’s Cultural Fairs Institute (ICFI), the 63rd ‌‎International Belgrade Book Fair which is slated for October 21 to 28 is held in 5 halls in an ‎area of in an area of 30,000 square meters. Almost 1000 local and foreign publishers have ‎taken part and over 1200 Serbian correspondence as well as 70 foreign correspondencts ‎from 14 countries are covering the event.‎

The kingdom of Morocco is the guest of honor in this edition of Belgrade Book Fair. As the ‎first Arabian country in this position, Morocco is displaying over 1000 titles of books in an ‎area of 100 square meters.‎

Celebrated Serbian writer and Academician Professor Matija Bećković as well as Moroccan ‎historian, poet and writer delivered speeches at the opening ceremony. The ceremony was ‎also attended by Vladan Vukosavljević, Ministar of Culture and Information of Serbia, ‎Mohamed El Aaraj, Moroccan Minister of Culture and Communication, Vladimir ‎Medinsky, Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation, Ivan Karl, Secretary of Culture in ‎the City of Belgrade, Danka Selić, General Director of Belgrade Fair.    ‎

Russia, Angola, Australia, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the UK, Italy, Greece, Croatia, ‎India, Iran, France, the Netherlands, Spain, Japan, Canada, China, Brazil, Turkey, ‎Ukraine, Croatia, the Czech Republic, UAE, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia, Montenegro and ‎Poland have also attended the major book fair of Balkan. ‎

Representing our country, Iran’s Cultural First Institute in cooperation with Iran’s Cultural ‎Attaché in Serbia is presenting over 300 book titles on a variety of subjects such as religion, ‎literature, the Sacred Defense (the eight-year war Iraq imposed on Iran), children and ‎young adults, art and Iranology.  ‎

Offering brochures on Iranian publishing industry in English and Serbian, introducing ‎Tehran International Book Fair (TIBF) and the Grant Plan which is aimed to encourage the ‎translation of Persian books into other languages, holding Iran’s Day in Belgrade Fair, book ‎unveiling ceremonies, inviting foreign publishers for participation at TIBF are among the ‎other programs followed by the Iranian stand.‎

Nahj al-Balagha, Al-Sahifa al-Sajjadiyya, Masnavi Ma’navi by Rumi, Bustan of Sa’adi, The ‎Conference of the Birds by Attar, Parvin E'tesami's Collected Poems, Rubáiyát of Omar ‎Khayyám as well as several other masterpieces of Iranian literature have been showcased ‎in Belgrade Book Fair.‎

Serbia was the guest of honor at the 31st Tehran international book fair held in May 2018. ‎

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