Iran signs agreement with main Serbian governmental publisher

2018-10-29 09:04

On the sidelines of Iran’s participation at the 63rd Belgrade International Book Fair, a ‎memorandum of understanding was signed between our country and the main Serbian ‎governmental publishing, Slojebni Glasnik.‎
According to the public relations office of Iran’s Cultural Fairs Institute (ICFI), the ‎memorandum of understanding was signed by the representative of ICFI, Hossein-Ali ‎Sabzeh and Petar Arbotina, Director of publication department of Slojebni Glasnik while ‎Iran’s Cultural Attaché in Serbia, Mahdi Shirazi also attended the meeting.‎
The MoU features cooperation and exchange of information between the publishers of the ‎two countries with considering legal and international laws as well as improving bilateral ‎cooperation for translation of Persian books into Serbian and vice versa. ‎
Based on the agreement, 10 Iranian works would be translated into Serbian within the ‎framework of the Grant Plan initiated by Iran’s Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance ‎to support the translation of Persian works into foreign languages.‎
Referring to the richness of Iranian culture, Director of publication department of Slojebni ‎Glasnik said: “The MoU aims to boost cultural relations between Iran and Serbia, ‎particularly it is meant to introduce Iranian culture and the publishing industry better to ‎our country. Serbian people are rather interested to Iranian and Eastern literature than ‎the literature of the West.”‎
The director pointed to direct translation from Persian to Serbian and added: “It is the best ‎method for our purpose and I hope that we would to be able to translate the best works of ‎Iranian literature into Serbian within the framework of this agreement.”‎

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