In a meeting between Ghader Ashna and Director of the Turin

International Book Fair, extension of Italo-Iranian cultural relationships was emphasized

2019-05-12 14:39

Ghader Ashna, the viceroy of the TIBF and CEO of the ICFI had a meeting with Silvio Viale, the director of the Turin International Book Fair to talk about the development of the mutual cultural relationships between the two countries.
Introducing the TIBF, Mr. Ashna said, "The Tehran International Book Fair is the biggest cultural event in the Middle East with the largest turnover in the cultural arena of Iran." Ashna then pointed to the presence of Italy in the TIBF 2017 as the Guest of Honor to say, "Regarding the mutual collaborations, a space of 300 sq. m. was allocated to Italy so that they introduce their cultural capacities in the 30th edition of the TIBF and we witnessed a successful presence of Italy."
The CEO of the ICFI added, "The objective of attending the Turin Book Fair was to examine the qualitative and quantitative status of this book fair to see if our publishers can participate in the next editions of it and our country attends it as the guest of honor."
In the end, Ashna invited the director of Turin International Book Fair to attend the next TIBF.

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