The Third Series of Competitions for Writers and Illustrators of Children’s and Young Adults’ books

2017-01-30 08:39

Iran Cultural Fairs Institute in cooperation with the Iranian Illustrators Society and Iranian association of writers for Children and Young has organized the Third series of competitions for writers and illustrators in teams of two with the aim of modeling and producing superb books.
Juxtaposition of illustration and writing in children’s and young adults’ books is amongst the important topics, which can be of a particular consideration as the product of teamwork (written word on one hand and pictorial language on the other hand). The product of this teamwork will provide a universal language, which in turn, will create a unique experience.  
For this purpose, fifteen illustrators and fifteen writers all below 35 were selected under the judgment of the most outstanding pioneers in the field and attended the workshops held by the ICFI to promote their skills and knowledge. At the end, they will be granted a certificate and the winners will be awarded in the form of sponsorships to attend the Bologna Children’s Book Fair.
Workshops guides were Fereydoun Amouzadeh, Khalili, Kamal Tabatabaei and Hoda Haddadi. It is noteworthy that a session of this workshop was attended by two Italian illustrators of renown. Arianna Vairo and Simone Rea are in Iran in a tour as a sideline programme to the presence of Italy in the 30th Tehran International Book Fair as the Guest of Honor.