17 recommendations for having a favorable tour of Tehran International Book Fair (TIBF)

1. Please take underground trains in order to get to the fairground from distant locations citywide.
2. Before starting you tour of the fairground, you would rather decide about your destinations and favorite publications. Relevant information is available at the TIBF website at www.tibf.ir.
3. If you are a professional book client, you would rather avoid touring the fairground at peak times on Thursday and Friday.
4. You had better inspect the fairground in early hours of the book fair's official working time.
5. If you wish to buy a specific title, you would rather learn about the hall and pavilion where the title is on display. Relevant information is available at the TIBF website at www.tibf.ir.
6. Computer-assisted information booths across the fairground may help you find your intended title or publisher.
7. If you think your visit may take several hours, please bring light snacks with yourselves.
8. Anyway, please avoid buying any foodstuff from vendors inside or outside the fairground.
9. You would rather not take children to the fairground if you wish to spend long times inspecting different pavilions.
10. If anyway your children accompany you in the inspection, please avoid visiting adult-specific halls and instead go directly to children-related halls and be patient to let them to inspect their favorite materials.
11. If you have to carry heavy accessories in the fairground by any means and of any nature, please trust them with special related booths operating across the fairground.
12. Books on display in the fair may be bought at a discount of 10 percent. Publishers are required to grant the discount and issue their clients a relevant invoice.
13. Iran Post Company runs special booths across the fairground where you may have your books packaged and sent to your intended address nationwide or abroad.
14. Please do your purchases through debit cards if available.
15. You may take free of charge minivans for touring the fairground especially if children or elders accompany you.
16. In cases someone is going to disturb you or tries to disrupt your tour, please inform security authorities.
17. Please put on convenient footwear during your tour.

We wish you a nice tour
TIBF management office