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International Book yesterday where director of Russian Association of Khayyam Oleg Akulinichev proposed the foundation of Khayyam Cultural Society.   According to the public relations office of Iran's Cultural Fairs Institute ...
2018-09-10 09:37
A ceremony in the honor of Iran was held on the third day of the BIBF. In the sidelines of the ceremony, a collaboration contract was signed between Iran and ...
2018-08-26 15:10
According to a report by the Public Relations Department of the ICFI, the book fair will be open until Aug. 26, 2018 at New China International Exhibition Center (NCIEC), Beijing. ...
2018-08-21 15:17
Book Launch Ceremony for Three Titles On the third day of the book fair, Hassan Taherian, the Iranian Ambassador in South Korea visited the Iranian Stand and three titles were ...
2018-06-24 11:59
On the second day of the Seoul International Book Fair, the final draft of the MoU for mutual cultural collaborations between Iran and South Korea was signed.  According to a ...
2018-06-22 12:37
In a meeting with James Chao, the chairman of Taipei Book Fair Foundation, held in the Iranian stand at the Seoul International Book Fair, first agreements were made on free ...
2018-06-21 13:13
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    Welcome to Iran
    Iran as one of the oldest ancient civilization of the world has influenced different parts of the world from the Nile River to Europe via its culture. It is located along the historical trade route of the Silk Road, the world oldest route; imagine that used to train of camels passed through the route. Iran enjoys a great legacy of ruins and hallowed stonework. 
    Culture is integral part of Iranian civilization.The art, music, architecture, poetry, philosophy, traditions, and ideology of Iran have made it a continuously important nation in the global community. In fact, many Iranians believe their culture to be the one and only reason why their civilization has continuously survived thousands of years of plethoric calamities.Iran with respect to its geographical condition is a paradise for all of the nature lovers.   more....


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Tehran International Book Fair
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